• Portable EEG (Electroencephalograph)

    Portable EEG Machine

    • 24/32* Channel simultaneous acquisition of raw data
    • Compact and light weight
    • USB powered with plug and play facility
    • Reports can be emailed or transferred across a network
    • Suitable for use in ICU, OT, ...

  • 24ch EEG (Electroencephalograph)

    24 Channel EEG Machine

    • Simultaneous data acquisition and analysis of same patient
    • Unlimited online and offline montage and filter reformatting
    • Brain mapping with advanced ...

  • Portable EMG (Electromyograph)

    2/4 Channel Portable EMG Machine

    • Compact and light weight
    • Data communication through single USB
    • Battery operated machine
    • On-Screen Impedance ...